History of residential aluminum siding

Introduced in the 1940’s aluminum siding was a very affordable way to cover your home. Being lightweight, fireproof, and durable, aluminum siding was a great choice to cover your home with. It provided advantages that no other material at the time could and a new look! Aluminum siding maintained a steady popularity until its slow down in the ’70s. Aluminum siding nowadays is still used in housing and in other industrial applications.

Should I keep it my aluminum siding panels or replace them?

Keeping your old aluminum siding has its pros and cons. Deciding whether to go to a new type of siding can be tricky if you don’t exactly know what to look for. Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of replacing aluminum siding.


  1. Aluminum siding is lightweight, making installation and transporting easy. 
  2. Aluminum siding will not burn or melt from a house fire.
  3. Aluminum siding can also last long if maintained properly it can last up to 40 to 45 years.
  4. Aluminum can be recycled and parts can be reused unlike other siding types like wood that can rot

Aluminum siding also has its drawbacks, and this led to the eventual decline in its use since other types of siding have become much more popular.


  1. Although the siding is durable it can dent easily as aluminum siding is fairly thin. 
  2. Any scratch marks on aluminum siding can be seen quite visibly in the sun as the metal provides a stark contrast to the paint applied on top of it. 
  3. Another, more auditory disadvantage, is that rain and hail can sound very loud against the siding itself. Also, while aluminum can’t rust, it can corrode leaving it unusable. 
  4. Even though aluminum siding can last 40 years other types of siding can last even longer

Aluminum siding vs vinyl siding

Chances are if you’re here you’re looking to replace your old aluminum house siding. You may have liked your aluminum siding and its done its job for 30 or so years already. Now more modern houses mostly use vinyl siding as the main choice of siding. Vinyl siding became a popular choice among houses in the 1990’s.

  • The plastic material is the same color all the way through so any scratches aren’t as easily seen. 
  • It also is recyclable just like aluminum siding is. 
  • Since vinyl siding is a plastic it allows it to be shaped like wood patterning so you don’t have the downsides of wood.
  • Aluminum siding can be better in colder weather because vinyl siding can crack and misshapen during the colder months. So if you live far up north it can be helpful to have metal siding types.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019; vinyl siding took up 25% of the homes created while aluminum siding falls into an “other” category taking up just 2%. Brick, Stucco, and Fiber cement being the other favorites for exteriors of single family homes. Overall, vinyl siding has more options to choose from. Unless you’re going for a distinct look for your home. Your best bet is to switch to something new.

Rooftop Designs can replace your siding, too!

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