On the underside of your roof near the edges, you may have Soffit Vents installed.

The main purpose of these vents is to circulate the air inside of your roof so that moisture build-up inside the home is reduced. There are several ways these can be installed to allow your roof to breathe.

How Soffit Vents work

Soffit vents allow drafts of wind to push air up through your attic to the Roofing Vents on top. You’ll find these vents on the outside of your house.

Basically, imagine a plastic board with little holes in it, that’s really all it is. The shape of the plastic allows for air to pass through it. Screens are generally put on the soffits so bugs can’t enter your home.

Why install them?

You may be thinking why do I need to vent my roof? Without proper airflow, nature can and will take its toll on your roofing system. Think of your house like a closed system. Seal it completely and what happens.

No air in or out.

Doesn’t seem bad at first.

However, you’re going to start turning on the water to drink or shower or cook. And that creates moisture in the air.

Now add some heat, either from the sun or your Heating/Cooling system. This heat and water will travel through your house and find places to latch onto.

Now just add a couple of mold spores and you’ve got the perfect environment for black mold or other types of water damage.

Moisture in the air can rest on paint and absorb into it leading to damaged ceilings, walls, or floors. All of this eventually leaks upwards towards your roof. Now if you have a system of soffit vents and roof vents. This creates a way for outside air to come in your roof and push the other stuff up and out. 

The main purpose of these vents is to circulate the air inside of your roof so that moisture build up inside the home is reduced.

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