Had a window shatter lately? Are you feeling a draft? Rooftop Designs can help replace your windows today.

When it comes to replacing your windows, how can you know that it’s time? The usual lifespan of a window can reach up to 40 years depending on how they were installed and the quality of the materials used. As windows age, they begin to break down. This allows for a “draft” or for water to leak into it.

Water Leaks

If you’re beginning to experience water leaks it’s best to try and fix the issue immediately. If left unchecked water can do untold damage to wood floors, paint, and carpet. There are several places water can leak into your home from a window.

  • The seal around your window has rotted away letting water in
  • The frame is bent from years of use
  • The windows have bent and now water leaks in between the two glass panes

Drafts or Air Leaks

If you’re feeling a draft, or a wind blowing through your home. It’s possible that your windows may be warped or there could be an issue with your roof. If you do have a draft, you could lose money from your A/C unit or Heater trying to overcompensate for the gain or loss of temperature. Those defects could include:

  • Broken or Bent frames
  • No outside caulk seal
  • Broken glass
  • Decayed wood

Ways to fix the issues

Sometimes a simple re-caulking could be all you need. If that’s the case: Strip off the old stuff and clean it up as best you can. Then find a good sealant and apply a smooth seal around your window. 

Near the bottom of the window in the channel you may find a fuzzy weatherstrip, if that is broken down you could replace that and it would help reseal your window.

Also, always check to see if you’re actually closing your windows properly. People have a habit of forcing things closed when a slight adjustment would allow the system to work properly.

If the issue is from a broken glass pane and the window is not a closed system you may be able to separate the frame and take the glass out to replace it after getting it from a glass company. If your home has unique windows of historical value, this may be your best option.

Of course, some windows are too old to fix, but the good news is: windows are much better now! Modern windows are far more efficient and last longer than any previous time. Homeowners with old drafty windows often find that buying new saves you money on your utility bills, enough to pay for themselves and more over time.

Give Rooftop Designs a call today if you’re looking for a window replacement. A professional eye from the best in the business is always worth it.