Has there been a major storm in your area lately? Did a branch fall from a tree and possibly break a part of your roof? Are your shingles curling or buckling and unable to withstand even everyday storms? Don’t forget to inspect your roof, one of the most valuable parts of your home.

Once the storm passes

  1. Go outside and look from your house’s perimeter. Look for any break in your roof’s shingle pattern by scanning back and forth. If you have trees nearby, see if any branches have fallen off.
  2. Look for debris surrounding your house on the ground. Sometimes the damage may be hard to see from the ground. If you find any shingles on the ground, it could be a good time to have a professional look.
  3. If you have one, grab a ladder and a family member or a friend (to hold your ladder, safety first!) and look near any spots you may have found tree limbs or shingle debris.

Damage on the inside?

How can you tell if there is damage inside of your home? Look at the ceiling or interior wall and see if you can notice any discoloration like a yellow/brown stain. In extreme cases there may be mold, peeling paint, or parts of your ceiling surface splitting or breaking apart. In such a case it could be from water dripping in from damaged flashing or a worn-out underlayment.

What to do next?

Rooftop Designs’ professionals are here to help you determine when it is (the right) time to replace your roof and find a solution that works for you and your budget. We are SELECT Certainteed Shingle Master certified, which means our quality of work ranks in the top 1% of all roofing contractors nationwide. And with select shingles from CertainTeed, you could get up to a 50-year warranty.