The easiest thing to do is have a professional look for free! Roof maintenance is an important part of owning a home.

Going through all the different types of shingles can be a large task. What do you look for? Do I need a new roof? How can I identify any leaks? What does a good roof need, and what makes a good shingle? We can help you narrow down our different types of SELECT CertainTeed shingles so you can make your own educated decision on what you need for your home.

Three Basic types of Shingles – Overview

  • Traditional Strip Shingles
  • Designer Shingles
  • Luxury Shingles
  • Slate, Cedar Shake, and Flat

Strip Shingles

This type of Asphalt Shingle is  more mat-like and is generally less expensive and lighter than the other two types of Shingle. Strip Shingles or 3-Tab shingles were more commonly used in the past. Made from fiberglass, Traditional shingles come in many different designs and colors you can go over with your Rooftop Designs Professional.

Designer Shingles

This kind of shingle is what you are going to see on most houses today. These Designer Shingles have a Two layer laminate fiberglass construction. Strong, weather resistant, wind resistant and a double layer of shingles to give it that look of depth.  These also have an improved CertainTeed warranty.

Luxury Shingles

CertainTeed’s Luxury shingles are the best quality shingle material you can find. The shingles are designed to create a more real slate and wood shake look. Even more durable than the Designer Shingles. This shingle material will hold against the hardest weather you can throw at it.

Slate, Cedar Shake, and Flat roofing

These are different looks we can mimic on Asphalt shingles or different materials entirely. Slate style asphalt shingles are based off of the old style actual slate rock used to roof houses. The Cedar shake pattern does an amazing job mimicking the look of real Cedar Shake shingles. Flat roofing is rolled out in longer strips with similar depth make to the Traditional type shingle. Perfect for apartment building flat roofs, home gardens, and patios.

We rank in the top 1% of all roofing contractors nationwide. We will do our best to give you the best information and service so you can make a great decision about an important piece of your home.