Getting a new siding job done can be a task.

How do you even know if you need new siding? There are some surefire ways to find out. Siding is very important for your home because it keeps the water off and away from the interior and insulation. Done properly a good siding job can reduce heating/cooling costs for your home and prolong it.

Damaged Siding

The easiest way to see if you need new siding is if you have any of it missing. If it has been taken off of your home for any reason and there is a gap missing you should get that replaced or repaired. 

Some problems can be much more subtle though. For instance, rotting wood. If you have traditional wood siding over time wood will absorb the elements and be damaged from the sun, it can crack and grow mold. In extreme cases the siding will fall apart as soon as you touch it. But since it has stayed in place it has allowed mold to grow. It always helps to get a professional look at your siding to see if you have these issues

If you have wood imitation siding then look for cracked or broken pieces of siding. Look for any discoloration or sagging. These types of siding can be made from many different materials and generally imitate the wood style. 

Replace vs Repair

Age is going to be your most important factor here. Find out when your siding was last replaced. Has it been on the house since it was built and now your children are out of college? It may be necessary to replace the entire siding. If the siding was done correctly it can last decades. If it has only been a couple years and the damage is concentrated then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just get that spot replaced. 

If you want a new look completely it can also help to know that sometimes old siding does not need to be taken off and a layer of insulation can be placed over top the old and in between a new layer of siding. 

Rooftop Designs

A Rooftop Designs sales professional can take you through the many options that would be appropriate for your home or business.