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Bracing Your Roof For Old Man Winter

There’s nothing quite like the holidays! Christmas carols, holiday cheer, and festive family dinners are only a few of the wonderful traditions in store for many homeowners this winter. The one thing the Hallmark movies don’t typically show, however, is the potential damage that winter weather can cause to your home.

3 Things to Check on Your Roof This Winter

Winter brings harsh weather along with holiday cheer. High winds, sleet, snow, and ice can all take their toll on your mood, but they can also add to the general wear and tear your home suffers throughout the year. Taking care of your roof helps you better take care of your home, and there are many ways you can better keep an eye on the condition of your roof as winter progresses.

Signs of Structural Damage

Most obvious signs of structural damage may be clear, such as a tree limb that crashes through your roof or a storm that causes major damage. However, some of the most insidious forms of damage may not be as obvious. Seemingly minor forms of damage to your roof can include:

  • Leaks - A leaking roof can seem like a minor inconvenience, but in reality, even the smallest leak can lead to major problems. A leaky roof can cause water damage inside your home, which contributes to mold growth, but it can also hurt the overall structural integrity of your roof. If you see dripping water coming from your ceiling, go into the attic and follow the trail up to find the source of the leak and patch it.
  • Curving or warped shingles - Curving shingles can be caused by a variety of different factors, but they’re especially dangerous to your home because a curling shingle is easier to be torn from your roof by strong winds.
  • Missing roof shingles - Your roof shingles protect the inner membrane of your roof. When they’re missing, the chances of water damage and other serious forms of damage increase exponentially.

Maintaining Tree Branches Around Your Property

How often do you perform landscape maintenance at home? Trimming long tree branches back reduces the chance of property damage from falling tree limbs and prevents animals from using long branches to access your attic and home.

Checking Insulation in the Attic

How is the insulation in your home? Insulation plays an important role in your home. Not only does it help with energy efficiency by keeping conditioned air inside, but it also reduces gaps and cracks for pests such as rats, mice, and other critters to creep into your home during the cold winter months.

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