Which Windows Are Right for My Home?

Whether you’re redesigning your home or building it from the ground up, one thing you can count on are the hard decisions. With so many choices to customize your home to its full potential, you may be wondering where to start.

Choose Your Aesthetic

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and the same is true for your home. Windows create a massive shift in your home — do you want more natural light in some rooms, or do you want to guide the light you receive? How big should a bathroom window be? These are all questions you’ll want to answer during the design of your home.

7 Common Kinds of Windows

There are many choices when it comes to what kind of windows you want in your home. Here are some common windows you may see in a home:

  • Bay windows - Larger, more open windows that often become the focal point of a room. A major benefit of bay windows is the additional space opened up in a room, as well as the large amounts of sunlight and warmth the larger windows let into your home.
  • Bow windows - Similar in design and function to bay windows, bow winders differ in their smooth transition between window sections.
  • Casement windows - Casement windows feature a flat pane of glass that opens via a hinge on one side. These windows swing open horizontally for ease of use and even easier cleaning.
  • Double-hung windows - The traditional window, double-hung windows open from the bottom up and have been a best seller for homes for over 30 years.
  • Garden and awning windows - Ideal for the homeowner with a green thumb, garden windows offer shelving space to maximize the light in your home and can be used for indoor herb gardens.
  • Slider windows - Slider windows are the cross-section between double-hung windows and casement windows. These windows open horizontally like a casement window but do so in the sliding fashion of double-hung windows.
  • Picture windows - These windows are designed not to open, creating an opening for light and a view, but without unsealing your home to the elements.

Typically, you’ll choose a mixture of different types of windows that serve specific functions in different rooms of your home. Whether you’re looking for replacement windows or a new design, the experts at Rooftop Designs can help you choose the best option for your home. Contact us online or by phone at (855) 741-0575 today!