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Traditional roofing systems are often built using asphalt shingles that provide protection against the elements in an affordable package. However, these shingles are often limited in the number of looks that they offer—usually you can’t do much more than pick the color that the shingles come in. Designer roofing shingle products take things a step further by offering both improved durability and protection as well as a more modernized look thanks to a double-layer of shingle protection installed on your roof. This means designer roofing products can truly offer a best of both worlds: affordability and value, durability and longevity, and a truly breathtaking beauty that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. And when you call the Illinois designer roofing pros from Rooftop Designs, you can be certain you will receive nothing short of exceptional service too.

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Designer vs. Traditional Roofing Shingles

What makes designer roofing shingles different from your traditional, standard shingles? The biggest difference is the material that designer shingles are built from. Whereas traditional shingles are typically a combination based on asphalt, designer shingles are often built with fiberglass to reinforce their structure. Fiberglass is generally strong, lightweight, durable against sun exposure, and waterproof when applied properly, making it a brilliant material to add to a roofing system. While this addition does bring the cost of a roof up, those who are looking for a more durable option are often more than happy to pay the difference for the extra protection and functionality.

Designer shingles offer all of the following advantages:

  • Added protection over traditional shingles while still remaining affordable
  • Ability to mirror other roofing styles, such as cedar or slate
  • Added resistance to moisture (great for homes that struggle with moss or algae growth)
  • Added resistance to wind and impact damage (our systems offer wind resistance up to 130 miles per hour!)
  • Added structural integrity to resist warping, curling, bending, or cracking

In addition to offering extra protection, designer roofing can emulate other styles of roofing materials to offer you added flexibility in design and construction. If you have always wanted your home to reflect a certain style but don’t want to bear the added cost of actually installing a certain material, then designer shingles might be your answer. Designer shingles are also a great way of getting the look you want while adhering to HOA rules and regulations!

Other types of Designer Roofing

Designer roofing can also come in different material options as well. For example, designer metal roofing consists of metallic tiles that provide your roof with unparalleled energy efficiency and protection while also imitating a style provided by cedar shakes, slate tiles, or another form of roofing material. Likewise, unlike slate, designer metal roofing doesn’t require nearly the structural weight capacity that a real slate roof does, and that means more homeowners can install this material without major renovations to their home’s structure.

At Rooftop Designs, we are proud to offer a great selection of products from several major name brands. As an Illinois designer roofing specialist, we work with and install products from names like CertainTeed for your total satisfaction. Plus, we proudly offer an exceptional warranty—up to 50 years on certain styles and types of roofing!

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