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Luxury Roofing in Illinois

Beautiful Roofing Without the Cost or Maintenance!

Have you ever wanted to give your home a truly breathtaking roof that looks great, functions well, and lasts for the next 50 years? A slate roof is what you are looking for. However, slate roofing requires an enormous investment and requires your roof to be able to withstand an enormous amount of weight. But what if you could get that timeless, beautiful look of a slate roof without the upfront investment or elevated amount of maintenance? That’s exactly what you’ll get from a luxury roofing shingle system installed by the team at Rooftop Designs. By working with several of the industry’s most prominent names, we are able to offer a number of unique product systems that offer exceptional performance and protection for your home and imitate the look of slate without the immense investment both upfront and over the years.

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The Look of Slate Without the Challenges

Luxury roofing shingles are designed for homes and businesses with sloped roofs that are looking for a material that closely imitates the look of slate tiles. Slate is a naturally-occurring stone that tends to shear along thin planes, and can often be cut into tile shapes that are durable, long-lasting, and incredibly beautiful. In fact, slate has been used in roofs around the world for hundreds of years, and continues to be a popular choice to this day. However, it is tremendously expensive, difficult to install, and requires a roof capable of withstanding a positively enormous amount of weight. In fact, if your home wasn’t built with a slate roof in mind, there’s a strong chance you will need to do some significant work to beef up your roof’s structure to the point where it can support slate.

Luxury slate shingles combine the best of both worlds. They are designed to imitate the natural look of slate, giving your home that timeless and luxurious beauty that so many people desire. However, because these shingles are produced in a factory, they are far more affordable. They are also lighter, meaning that virtually any roof that utilizes a shingle roof can use a luxury roofing product to begin with. And because they will be installed by our skilled team of roofers, each of our luxury roofing systems is backed by our signature 50-year warranty.

Luxury slate roofing shingles are great for customers who are looking for:

  • Those who desire the look of the finest new slate luxury roofs
  • Those who want superior longevity
  • Those who have a steep-sloped roof
  • Those who need high wind resistance
  • Those whose roof is already sagging or discolored
  • Those who have a house that’s growing moss or that struggles with ice dams

While slate roofing is by far the most popular luxury roofing option, there are other shingles out there that imitate other roofing styles as well. Another popular style includes cedar shake shingles, which are designed to imitate the look of a roof constructed from pieces of cedar wood. This rustic look is incredibly popular with historic homeowners, those in heavily wooded areas, and those who are simply looking to make their home standout with a unique look. As always, we offer luxury roofing products that include a 50-year warranty for added protection and peace of mind.

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