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Traditional Roofing in Illinois

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For as long as humanity has walked the earth, we have needed shelter to protect us from what the world can throw at us. Shelter means protection from the elements, and there is no more important form of protection than the roof over our heads. For standalone structures, this means a durable and high-quality roof, and traditional roofing has provided that shelter for centuries. Today, traditional roofing materials are still the preferred choice for a number of people. Whether you live in a small home in the middle of a large neighborhood or are looking for a completely customized roof with a historic look and feel, make the call to the Illinois traditional roofing pros at Rooftop Designs!

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Traditional Roofing Materials

Traditional roofing materials are still extraordinarily popular all over the United States. Just because a technology might be older doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t as good as other options on the market. In fact, the most common traditional material (asphalt shingles) can be found on homes of all different shapes and sizes. Their lower cost, wider availability, and broad number of styles and colors make them a brilliant choice for a wide range of roofing applications. They are also extremely popular due to their resistance against impact from flying debris and falling hail.

At Rooftop Designs, our roofing shingles offer a traditional look and style, but improve on durability and longevity with modern materials. Our shingles are designed and constructed using fiberglass, an extremely solid, lightweight, and affordable material that provides additional structure and support for your roof. This greatly extends the lifespan of your singles to a much greater length, meaning we can offer a warranty of up to 50 years. Plus, these shingles offer protection against winds ranging anywhere from 60 to 130 miles per hour.

Roofing Installation

Looking for someone who can install a traditional-style roof that will provide your home with superior protection? You need help from the team at Rooftop Designs! We offer premium installation using a wide variety of traditional roofing materials, and each installation is completely customized to you and your home. Our skilled roofers thoroughly inspect your home to determine the best course of action and always make their recommendations based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the products we offer. This allows us to truly customize every part of your roofing project for the best fit, optimal satisfaction, and superior aesthetic quality.

You might need a new roof if:

  • Your traditional-material roof is more than 20 to 25 years old
  • Your roof is built from sub-par materials
  • Your roof leaks frequently
  • Your roof has visible exterior damage
  • Your roof has missing shingles
  • Your roof has visible warping or deformities

Not only do we stand by the products that we install and the roofing systems that we build, but we also offer a customer experience that is second to none. We take our role as an industry leader seriously and are constantly working to better ourselves—continuing to push the bar for exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

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