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Sliding Patio Doors in Maryland

Give Your Home an Instant Facelift with a Modern Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass patio doors provide a stunning yet highly functional way to seamlessly transition between your home and your deck or patio. Our sliding glass doors are a great source of natural light and are available in both traditional styles and contemporary styles.

We only order and install the finest sliding patio doors available, in a wide variety of styles and options to fit every taste and budget. See for yourself the beauty and convenience that a new sliding glass patio door can provide.

Along with natural light, other benefits of sliding glass doors include the ability to open up a room to feel larger, provide a view of nature, and create better visibility of outside activities from the comfort and convenience of your home. The modern look of glass patio doors also adds an elegance to the exterior design of your home’s patio area. Sliding glass patio doors combine the advantages of large open windows with the freedom of doors, to create a wonderful addition to any home.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Sliding Patio Doors

These are some of our most frequently asked questions about our patio doors:

How much does it cost to put in a patio door?

Installing a patio door can cost thousands of dollars. It’s important to plan wisely if you’re in the market for a sliding glass door. Typically a professional patio door installation will cost anywhere from $70 per hour to $120 per hour. On average, the job can take three to five hours to complete.

What is the most energy-efficient patio door?

The most energy-efficient patio doors are modern glass patio doors. The multiple glass panes are great at locking out the heat. You want to make sure your patio door features double-paned glass that has been filled with an argon or krypton gas. Impact or hurricane doors are excellent options. You also want the frame to be made of fiberglass or vinyl. If you want to go the extra mile, opt for a door with a Low Emissivity (Low-E) coating. This works to reflect heat inside your home during the winter and outside during the summertime.

What is the best patio door brand?

There are tons of high-quality doors to choose from to give your patio a major upgrade. We always recommend going for energy-efficient glass doors. Vinyl patio doors are an excellent option because they are durable and cost effective. Plus, you have the added benefit of never having to worry about them corroding! Fiberglass patio doors are another great option, as they are low maintenance and built to last.

How do I protect my patio doors from burglars?

There are quite a few preventative steps you can take to protect your sliding glass doors. Installing shutters, panels, or long vertical blinds, for example, offer great versatility. You get the privacy and security at night and the openness and beauty you love during the day. Another option is installing a sliding door lock at the top of your door. You can either lock your door completely or a few inches open. Other options include a security bar or home security system.

How much does a Marvin sliding patio door cost?

Known as the ultimate sliding patio door, Marvin sliding patio doors typically cost around $3,000 to $4,000, and sometimes more. Pricing generally depends on a number of factors, including the overall size of the patio door, number of glass panels, and more.

We only order and install the finest sliding patio doors, in a wide variety of styles and options to fit every taste and budget. See for yourself the beauty and convenience that a new sliding glass patio door can provide.

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