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Slate & Cedar Shake Roofing in Maryland

Enjoy the Natural Aesthetic & Durability of a Shake Roof

For many people, there is no roof more beautiful than an old-world style slate roof. At Rooftop Designs, we offer our customers the most beautiful, natural-looking slate roofs reminiscent of old-world roofing styles. These slate roofs, installed by our certified roofing contractors, are wind-resistant to 110 mph, are impact-resistant, and are designed to mimic the natural shape and color of real slate.

The old-world roofing style of years past has remained one of the most desired home design styles because of the elegant appearance. Our roofing company is proud to provide your home with the classic old-world roofing design of slate, coupled with the advantages of modern roofing materials.

Our slate roofing shingles provide the look of the old-world roofing styles, while simultaneously offering the modern performance and roof protection available in the 21st century. Best of all, each of our slate old-world roofing projects are backed by our lifetime limited warranty.

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What is Shake Roofing?

Have you ever looked at a roof and felt transported back in time? A shake roof gives you an old-world roofing style with a handcrafted durable design. Shake roofing was traditionally a wooden shingle made from split logs; today you’ll find modern materials that give you this look with more durability. Imitation slate and cedar are made with modern materials like asphalt and fiberglass that mimic the shake roof look, for both attractiveness and affordability.

Shake roofs were initially built during colonial times when wood was widely abundant. This shake style was referred to as wooden shingles, and old versions of shake roofing were made by simply splitting a log. The wooden shakes are split into one or both sides by hand using specially crafted tools, resulting in an elegant and charming slate or cedar shake roof.

Shake vs. Shingle Roofing

While asphalt shingles are a common roofing option, many people would prefer the look of a wood shake or slate roof. The difference between shake roofing and shingle roofing primarily lies in the installation and manufacturing process.

It’s important to understand these main features that make the two popular roofing styles different:

  • Shakes are thicker, compared to shingles
  • Shakes are split off on one or two sides, while shingles are sawed smooth and cut tapered
  • Shakes are handcrafted, while shingles are machine cut

There are many looks that can be mimicked on asphalt shingles, including an old-style slate roof and a cedar shake roof. We offer natural-looking slate roofs that are reminiscent of colonial roofing shapes and colors, made with asphalt and other modern roofing materials. You can also achieve an imitation cedar shake pattern that perfectly resembles the look of real cedar shake shingles.

Why Choose Cedar Shake Roofing?

Keep Your Home Historical & Gorgeous with Cedar Shake

By offering both imitation slate and cedar shake along with real cedar shake roofing, you can find a roofing solution that best fits your needs. Our split and re-sawn or taper-sawn shakes will make your home look like a masterpiece. You may also live in a historical home and desire original upkeep, or you could have HOA agreements that require real cedar shake roofing. Whatever your needs, our shake roof materials are built to last and look fantastic.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofing

Each material that we use for roofing has its own distinct benefits, and shake roofing offers many unique advantages. If you’re going for a more natural aesthetic, then slate and cedar shake roofing can help you achieve elegance and charm all in one roof with the wood shake style. Your roof will appear to have more character with the handcrafted look, you’ll benefit from more durability, and you’ll have many slate and shake variations to choose from.

Consider these advantages of a shake roof:

  • Natural, rustic, and cottage-style look
  • Durability
  • Energy efficient and sustainable
  • Relatively low cost

You Can Rely on Imitation Slate & Cedar

Modern shake roofing provides you with the ultimate stylish design, as well as more protection. We provide imitation slate and cedar shingles from CertainTeed, as well as real cedar hand split shake and taper-sawn shakes. By replicating the appearance of wood shakes, we’re able to give you the fire and wind resistance that every home needs.

The slate roofs and the cedar shake style roofing that we offer are wind resistant for 110 mph winds, and our shake roofing materials are resistant to any other potentially damaging impacts to your home. By using modern materials to mimic the look of real cedar shake, we’re able to build you a roof that withstands the tests of time. A modern slate and cedar shake roof is also less vulnerable to pests and mold, prevents fires, avoids discoloration, and avoids leaks, with relatively low maintenance.

Cedar & Slate Shake Roofing Lifespan

Modern roofing materials last much longer than traditional roofing, and you still get the old-fashioned look you desire. Real cedar shakes can last approximately 30 to 40 years. Slate roofs and imitation cedar shake roofs will typically last 75 to 200 years.

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Cedar & Slate Shake Roofing Cost

When it comes to cedar and slate shake roofing costs, you’ll typically expect to pay up to $25,000. You can expect to pay a much more affordable rate for our shake-style roofing that uses modern asphalt, and the cost of a roof replacement will largely depend on the square footage of your roof. Any shake or slate-like roofs will run about $400 per square, or $4 per square foot.

Paying for a new roof doesn’t have to be overly stressful, and that’s why we provide flexible financing options. You may be in a dire situation and need a quick roof replacement, and you shouldn’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for cost. All of our financing and payment plans help you protect your home for over 20 years, and CertainTeed slate and cedar shake roofing can include a 50-year warranty.

You can take advantage of these financing options:

  • A low monthly payment plan with zero interest for up to 24 months
  • Insurance coverage with your homeowners insurance that covers damage
  • Loan and credit from the bank, including home equity loans and personal loans
  • Easy cash payments

Other Cost Considerations

Prices for a shake roof will also depend on the roofing material, design, and additional services. When getting a new roof or replacement, you should consider the shingles, flashing, and underlayment. Flashing is the metal barrier between your roof shingles and the foundation of your home. The underlayment is the thick sheet-like material between the shingles and the roof deck.

Since the flashing and underlayment protect the most vulnerable areas of your home and prevent internal leaking, you’ll want to make sure these elements are in tip-top shape. We’ll give your roof a free, thorough inspection to help you figure out what roofing solution will work best for you and make sure that you’re fully protected. You can also feel assured with our SELECT CertainTeed imitation shake roofing that includes a 50-year warranty.

Is Shake Roofing the Right Choice for Your Home?

If you’re looking for old-world charm and artisan craftsmanship, a shake roof will beautifully complete your home. You can take advantage of detailed designs with versatility, a diversity of colors, and styles that work best for your home. The shake roof has unique characteristics, on top of the benefits of other roofing options.

Discover the benefits of our imitation slate and cedar shingles that give you the sought-after look of a cedar roof with modern materials. You can even transport yourself into the colonial period and live alongside natural beauty with our real cedar shake roofing. Whatever shake style roofing you’re looking for, we’ve got the skills to give you the highest-quality roofing solutions.

Customer Service Is Included with Shake Roofing

Regardless of the Rooftop Designs shake roof you choose, you’ll always have access to a team that’s dedicated to your needs. You’ll experience quality customer service backed by over 11 years of roofing experience, plus free roofing estimates and efficient roofing results. Not only can you depend on the highest-quality standards, but you can also expect timeliness within your budget.

Homes of all types can benefit from our shake roofing and installation services. Many on our team have been working on professional roofing for over 20 years and are eager to share their expertise. Find the best protection and modern aesthetic that a shake roof offers today.

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