Wet Walls: Is my Roof Leaking?

Have you been noticing water dripping from your ceiling during storms? Do you have puddles in your garage? Is it just condensation, a pipe leak, or the end of the life of your roof?

How to tell if your roof is leaking

One huge sign that your roof is leaking is wet walls. If there is any break in the shingles, underlayment or decking of your roof then the water could be slipping in and down the frame of your house.

This will lead to actual water dripping down your walls in the most extreme cases. If the leak is slow the signs will be harder to see. 

Note the water stains visible on the drywall in this building undergoing remodeling.


If the leak is small, the water will drip down and soak into the drywall. This will end up leaving a yellow-ish water stain on your ceiling or walls. This could also lead the paint on your ceiling to crack and peel away.


If you see mold growing you may have a big problem on your hands so you’ll want to get it inspected and sorted out more quickly. If something is growing inside a hole may have been there for quite some time

Rotting Wood

If you can safely access an unfinished attic in a garage or home, use a flashlight to look for any type of rotted wood in the rafters. Mold or fungus could also grow in certain temperatures on moist wood so that would be a good indicator as well.

Leaky Plumbing

There is always a chance that you’ve had a pipe burst as well. If the leak is near any water pipes leading to a bathroom then you could have a different problem.

Rooftop Designs Inspections

Rooftop Designs representatives inspecting your home pride themselves on objectivity and fairness. We’ll never build a roof you don’t need, but will always build you a roof that will last for decades. Rooftop Designs crews are SELECT Certainteed Shingle Master certified, which means our quality of work ranks in the top 1% of all roofing contractors nationwide.

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    June 19, 2020 | Reply

    However, even though parapet walls perform a number of important functions, they are moisture management headaches! The phrase ‘Out of sight out of mind” is, unfortunately, the rule of the day with construction details that are not easily accessible. Parapet walls fall into this category. The required timely maintenance is neglected because of this and regrettably, the need for maintenance becomes apparent only as a result of a failure such as a leak. On top of this, parapet walls have a rather rough life since they are subjected to wind, dramatic temperature changes, moisture from three sides and roof system stresses. The result is a construction detail that is both neglected and abused.

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